Are you looking for high speed punching?

Punch&Pin offer a wide range of perforation technologies to solve each market requirement for punch, micro and nano holes. These are our advantages:

  • High speed macro punching solutions.
  • High speed cold & Hot needle perforation.
  • High speed laser for micro-holes and scoring
  • We can also offer solutions for fibrillation, pre-cut and embossing.

We also deal with: Hydraulic punching machine price, Packaged in a protective atmosphere and Precisiontooling

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Need help finding right solution for shelf life extension and/or breathability of the plastic and paper materials?
Punch & Pin has the right solution for you.


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High speed punching

PPunch & Pin is a leading maker of precision devices for boxing, mini and nano openings. We provide a wide range of items to meet the demands of our consumers in a range of industries. Our items are understood for their excellent quality, innovative technology and reliable performance.

Cutting-edge Innovation for Punching, Micro and Nano Holes

We are devoted to offering our clients with the most effective possible service and assistance. We provide 24/7 support and warranty spare parts distribution within 1 day. We additionally have a team of knowledgeable designers who are available to help our clients with any technical concerns they might have.

24/7 Assistance and Spare Parts Delivery

At Punch & Pin, we are frequently introducing to create new and better methods to generate precision holes. We are dedicated to supplying our clients with the most advanced modern technology available. We are likewise devoted to sustainability and environmental management.

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Punch & Pin was fantastic! I needed a punch for a specific project and they were able to provide exactly what I needed. The product is of high quality and the customer service was excellent. I would highly recommend Punch & Pin to anyone in need of precision punching tools.

I had a problem with an order I placed with Punch & Pin, but their customer service was great. They were quick to resolve the problem and kept me informed throughout the process. I am very pleased with the way they handled the situation.

Punch & Pin is really on the cutting edge when it comes to punching technology. Their products are innovative and reliable. I am always sure to get the best results when I use their tools.

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These are some of the achievements we have made for our clients where we have solved all the problems inherent in paper and plastic perforation for every need by adopting the best solutions.

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Key features of our plastic perforation equipment.

Learn about the features of our machinery that make us the best in the market to solve the problem of paper and plastic perforation.

Technological Innovation

Our products have significantly innovative technological features.

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We guarantee spare parts delivery in 24 hours

Team of Expert

A team with talent,intelligence,initiative to achieve the common goal.

Assistance 24h a Day

We guarantee assistance 24 hours a day.


We work with transparency, loyalty and commitment, creating bonds of trust and friendship with our customers, collaborators and suppliers

Macro & Micro solutions

We offer a wide range of perforation technologies to solve each market requirement : for punch, micro and nano holes.

Are you looking for high speed punching?
Punch & Pin has the solution for you! Contact us now!

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